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Eric [last name hidden] location: Costa Mesa, CA  92660
email:  eric@ejproductions.com

OBJECTIVE: Develop advanced, innovative, and user-friendly internet-related software while continuing to advance my knowledge of emerging internet technologies.
ABILITIES: Scripting and Programming: Microsoft Visual Basic 6, Microsoft Visual Basic .NET, creating custom ActiveX/ASP controls in Visual Basic 6 (COM/DCOM), Java Scripting, VB Scripting, using scripting to create dynamic content (server and client side), XML, XSD/DTD, XSLT, SOAP, HTML 4, XHTML, Microsoft Access, SQL, Microsoft SQL 7/2000 (T-SQL, Stored Procedures, Triggers, User-Defined Functions), ADO, ODBC, Active Server Pages, Microsoft Message Queue, and Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Action Scripting.

Technical Knowledge: Windows 9x/ NT/2000/XP, Windows NT/2000/2003 Server, Active Directory, Exchange Server 5.5/2000, Mercur Server 3, ISA, RAS, Checkpoint NG, NAT, Veritas Backup Exec, DNS, IIS, IP/IP Routing, DTM/RPR, and hardware maintenance (including building systems peripheral-by-peripheral).

Graphics: Adobe Photoshop CS, CorelDRAW! 12, and Macromedia Flash MX 2004.

Summary: I feel that a good understanding all aspects of a trade is an important factor in producing efficient work. By knowing the way the internet's constituents operate, I am able to push the limits of the technology and am able to quickly learn new technologies in that I have the ability to apply existing knowledge to future technological advancements.
Global Visa Solutions (GVS)
Title/Time: Senior System Engineer (August 2002 to Present)
Description: World-wide coordinator of visas and work permits. I also simultaneously worked for GVS' sister company: HirsonWexlerPerl (HWP). HWP is the nation's second-largest U.S. immigration law firm.
My main task was to plan and develop the company's new case tracking software from scratch. I did this and successfully migrated thousands of users from the old case tracking system (using multiple, non-related Access databases) to the new version. This system and the other software I developed made extensive use of Active Server Pages, MS SQL Server 2000 (including Stored Procedures, Triggers, Views, User-Defined Functions, and Scheduled Jobs) and also Visual Basic 6 for stand-alone applications and custom COM objects which made use of XML/XSL, SOAP, and ADO/ODBC to MS SQL Server 2000. The case tracker system is web-based and is used by foreign nationals/assignees, paralegals, attorneys, and the HR personnel employed by our clients. It manages many thousands of users. Development of this system was a huge project, to say the least, and employed many features entirely too numerous to list here. I also installed and configured our Checkpoint NG firewall and the network it protected. In our LAN, I installed and maintained Microsoft Small Business Server (including, Windows 2000 Server, Exchange 2000, ISA Server, RAS/VPN, DNS, and Active Directory).

Professional Resource Screening, Inc. (now owned by First Advantage Corporation)
Title/Time: Senior System Engineer (June 2001 to July 2002)
Description: Pre-employment screening company for many companies, including many fortune-500 companies.
Planned/developed new software and maintained existing software used for pre-employment screening. The systems I developed made extensive use of Active Server Pages and also Visual Basic 6 for stand-alone applications and custom COM objects, which were used for a variety of applications including XML/XSL, SOAP, and ADO/ODBC to MS SQL Server 7. Customers transmitted XML orders via HTTPS that conformed to the DTD specifications I created or via our IIS website which I also helped to develop/maintain. One feature (of many) of the software I developed was the "instant credit" system that build credit and social security reports by communicating directly with TransUnion via the MERiT credit engine, converting the inbound data into XML, and transforming it into custom reports with XSL. This particular process relied heavily on a Microsoft Message Queue system. I also played a major role in the development and maintenance of our SQL database using Triggers and Stored Procedures, which directly accessed my COM objects in addition to performing data mining tasks for custom reports. I also performed basic management of our Cisco router and firewall and successfully and seamlessly transitioned our office to a new class-C IP address space.

Airpower Communications, Inc.
Title/Time: System Engineer (October 2000 to May 2001)
Description: Wireless ISP with the goal of building a nationwide internet backbone using the emerging DTM/RPR protocol.
Maintained and made modifications to version 1 of the company's intranet using PerlScript. Developed and maintained version 2 of the company's intranet using ASP with VBScript/JavaScript and HTML (dynamic and traditional). The intranet managed company purchasing, inventory, network build-outs, customers, customer configurations, document management, and billing. My ASP used ADO/ODBC to interface with relational SQL (MS SQL Sever 7/MySQL)/Access databases (which I also developed). Developed internal software using Visual Basic 6. Used Visual Basic 6 to create custom ASP/ActiveX components (COM). Maintained our IIS-based web server. Developed the company's website using Macromedia Flash 4. Also, performed WAN troubleshooting and level II network engineering. Beta-tested and configured Dynarc DTM/RPR routers (live and in the lab) with static IP routing, BGP, and OSPF. Helped to implement the first DTM fiber-optic ring in North America.

CatchAll Enterprises, Inc.
Title/Time: System Engineer (May 1998 to September 2000)
Description: Website development/hosting company.
Oversaw the technical aspects of the company and managed the people in this department. Developed custom, data-driven web solutions specific to our customers' needs using ASP with VBScript/JavaScript, Adobe Photoshop 5 and HTML (dynamic and traditional). My ASP used ADO/ODBC to interface with relational SQL/Access databases (which I also developed). Developed internal software using Visual Basic 6. Used Visual Basic 6 to create custom ASP/ActiveX components (COM). Used Macromedia Flash 4 to develop custom, interactive websites and presentations. Designed and maintained our LAN. Maintained our IIS-based web server.

ATMlink, Inc. (now owned by WebVision)
Title/Time: Internet Service Specialist (May 1997 to May 1998)
Description: ISP and website development/hosting company.
Designed our customers' websites to their specifications using ASP, HTML (dynamic and traditional), Macromedia Flash 3, ADO/ODBC, and Microsoft Access 97. Designed and wrote internal software using Visual Basic 5. Maintained the LAN and IIS-based web servers.
SUMMARY: As a professional in this industry, I have proven my abilities in many aspects of the internet from building servers, to creating high-quality designs, layouts, and "intelligent", data-driven websites and software, to designing a local area network and security schema from the ground up. My strong, real-world experience and perpetual quest for new knowledge keeps my designs and software fresh and innovative. Programming for the previous thirteen years has given me the ability to create highly complex websites and software and also resulted in my learning to create efficient user-interfaces (web and application based) which are easy to understand and navigate despite underlying complexity.
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