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All right, maybe I'm nit-picky, but people say so many things which drive me crazy. This is a list of the common mis-pronnounciations which do so.

This list is ever-growing so, as always, there's more to come!

 They say...   They mean...   As in... 
 acrosst   across   Put a headline acrosst the ad. 
 ambalence   ambulance   Pull over, an ambalence is coming. 
 anyways   anyway   Anyways... what was I saying? 
 axe   ask   I'm goin' to axe my parents. 
 Best Buys   Best Buy   I'm going to buy a printer from Best Buys. 
 daylight savings   daylight saving   I need to set my clock ahead for dayling savings time. 
 download   upload   Will you download this file to the server? 
 essept   except   That fine essept for... 
 extinglisher   extinguisher   To put out the fire, use a fire extiglisher. 
 good   well   I'm doing real good. [also see: "real"] 
 ironic   coincidental   Jane moved from Portland to California where she met her future husband whom, ironically, also came from Oregon. 
 is   are   There is no excuses. 
 joolaree   jewelry   I received joolaree for Christmas. 
 liberry   library   I will check out a book from the liberry. 
 nucular   nuclear   I hope we disarm all of our nucular bombs. 
 oh   zero   My phone number is nine oh nine, one four two, one, one, nine, three. 
 pacific   specific   To be more pacific... 
 perscription   prescription   My doctor has written my perscription. 
 probly   probably   I'll probly watch a movie with my girlfriend tonight. 
 prolly   probably   I'll prolly watch a movie with my girlfriend tonight. 
 punkin   pumpkin   I want some punkin pie. 
 racial   racist   I'm not racial... 
 real   really/very   I'm doing real good. [also see: "good"] 
 reconize   recognize   I reconize him from somewhere. 
 reel-a-ter   realtor   I'm searching for a home through a reelater. 
 silicone   silicon   My tech. compnay is based in Silicone Valley. 
 supposably   supposedly   Supposably, the year 2100 is not a leap year. 
 uhquipment   equipment   The boom operatior carries the audio uhquipment in his backpack. 
 upload   download   I will upload the file from the server. 
 valentimes   valentines   I got nothing for Valentimes Day. 
 web page   website   My web page is www.ejproductions.com. 
 why   while   You can buy tickets why I buy popcorn. 
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